About Romy’s Yoga

Romy offers bespoke yoga courses and private sessions that are highly individualised. The studio is intimate and welcoming.

Romy’s yoga is inspired by BKS Iyengar. This type of yoga is highly individualised using a large array of yoga props for support, allowing you to go deeper in each pose.

Comprehensive Yoga courses are offered each term. Courses are approximately 6 to 8 weeks in duration.

Private Yoga sessions are beneficial for anyone who wants to take their Yoga deeper and needs personal guidance. It is also very useful for those who have special requirements, for example: joint injuries (hip, knee and shoulder), scoliosis, back conditions (bulging disc and other spine conditions).

Due to COVID, all classes and private sessions are currently held online with Zoom

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Romy’s studio has a great yoga wall which helps students get into poses that will extend, invigorate and support the body at the same time.

Yoga Term Courses

Romy offers term courses.  These courses are very small and individualised (maximum of 6 per class). Pre-booking is therefore essential.

Notes are provided after each class. Each term focuses on certain areas of the body. Each week we go deeper and the classes build up.

Classes are 90 min in duration.

Students can only start at the beginning of term as the courses changes and builds incrementally each week.

There is a large focus on developing a home practice and making yoga your own. This is not just an exercise class its a whole modality that will empower you to become your own true healer and i will provide a template for you to be able to embody yoga independently.




Term 3

8 week course: 250$

bookings closed

Private Sessions

1 class - $110

4 pass- $285

Corporate Sessions

Please contact Romy for a quote.

All bookings can be done directly on the website or by contacting Romy on 0416 299 917.

Note: All classes are pre-booked. Cancellation requires 24 hours notice.