About Romy

Romy brings a unique combination of intricate science fused with the ancient teachings of yoga, meditation and reiki.

In her early years, Romy immersed herself in the sciences. She completed a Bachelor of Science at the University of South Africa with a deep focus on Microbiology and Genetics. She later undertook a Master of Science degree at Sydney University. Romy has spent well over a decade studying neuroscience, yoga, philosophy, reiki and meditation.

Over 14 years ago a neck injury that involved 5 cervical bulging discs caused her excruciating pain. Romy started intense private weekly sessions with a highly experienced Iyengar Yoga Teacher Sebastian Cilento. Sebastian was trained by Australia's most senior Iyengar Yoga teacher Peter Thomson. After a complete recovery of the neck, Romy continues to study weekly with Sebastian, gaining a tremendous inner depth of this modality. All her teachings are based on the outcome of the many years of precise teachings from Sebastian.

Romy’s yoga is based on the Iyengar teachings. This is a very intricate form of yoga utilising a wide variety of yoga props to suit all body types.

For the past 8 years Romy has also been studying and continues to study Philosophy at the School of Practical Philosophy in Sydney. At this school she was taught mindfulness and meditation based on the teachings of the great Philosophers, both Eastern and Western.

Ten years ago, Romy was also introduced to the sacred Japanese healing modality, Reiki. She studied it intensely at the International House of Reiki where she completed her Masters Certificate. She also studied it in Japan with a member of the Gakkai – Hiroshi Doi. Romy also studied further with Hyakuten Inamoto, another Japanese Reiki Master.

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All bookings can be done directly on the website or by contacting Romy on 0416 299 917.

Note: All classes are pre-booked. Cancellation requires 24 hours notice.