I warmly invite you to experience these supportive, transforming and deeply personal yoga sessions. Specialised yoga equipment is utilised to ensure that you can access the depth and alchemy of each pose. Meditation and Reiki sessions are also offered in a peaceful and nurturing environment.

What our students are saying

‘I am not a yogi, never thought I would enjoy it, or be a regular practiser/participant – not high paced enough for me. That has totally changed, as I now practise twice a week, and it is part of my weekly routine – which is hard when you are a busy mum of 2 under 5! Romy encourages mindfulness, without any fuss, she adapts her approach to suit each individual, so that everyone feels like they are taken care of. She encourages us to listen to our body and  has taught us its all about the journey, NOT the destination!  After having chronic pelvis problems for over 4 years, I can now sit comfortably pain-free. Thanks Romy!’

Julia Warren-Nicholls


Quinntessential Marketing Consulting

‘I had never done Iyengar Yoga before and could certainly not describe myself as fit, had a sore back which needed regular treatment, sciatica and a bunion that was causing my big toe to cross over into my other toes causing daily pain!  But, I discovered that Iyengar Yoga is amazing and under Romy’s careful and skilful direction I now have no back pain or sciatica and my toe has started to straighten resulting in the pain lessening all the time !!  Romy runs excellent classes where even if there is a group of you, one still gets individual attention just right for your level and needs.  I come out of the sessions feeling energised but calm at the same time and like I can actually breath.  Romy teaches us all that it’s about the journey, not the destination and it has definitely been an awesome journey so far!  Highly recommend her teachings.  Thanks Romy!!’

Caroline Harrison

Senior Account Manager
Quinntessential Marketing Consulting

'I found Romy through a friend of mine, as I was looking for someone who understood the workings of the body and would have an understanding of my injury. Romy in my opinion is so brilliant, she completely teaches you how to engage every muscle and has truly changed my body alignment. From the feet to the head. I highly recommend her as someone who is mindful of the person she is teaching and will remain with her for as long as she teaches.

Thank you Romy, it's a joy to be in your presence! Thank you for giving me the program to do at home.'

Natalie Tanne

Doing an Iyengar yoga class with Romy is a special experience. She explains & demonstrates each movement which leads to a fulfilling pose. Romy creates a magical energy & for me each class is food for the soul. 
Iyengar yoga is exercise for the body & mind that I wish I’d known of long before. 
Each extended movement is like a massage.  Romy’s class winds down with a meditation which is pure bliss. I’ve never breathed better & it’s helping in many areas leaving me to feel like I’m walking on clouds.
 Thankyou Romy & very best wishes with every success.
Namasté !🙏 

All bookings can be done directly on the website or by contacting Romy on 0416 299 917.

Note: All classes are pre-booked. Cancellation requires 24 hours notice.